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Belly Dancing Classes in London

• Jalya and her student Julia! - please click here to watch the video!

• Jalya and her gorgeous students! - please click here to watch the video!

Number 1 Promise: Flat & Toned Belly!

Private Belly Dancing Sessions: £100 per hour for Central London. Lessons are in your home or studio. Classes for more than 2 people and any venue hire fees are in addition to tuition fee. You need an Ipod player at your home/studio to play the music.

Belly Dancing after a large meal is not advised. The body diverts blood away from the intestines to muscles, which may lead to nausea, cramps.

In search of a better Belly? You came to the right place. No more boring exercises. Smile. Belly laughs are healthy. Join me on the journey to the beautiful Belly. Big smile, small Belly.

Belly Dancing is a feminine art form and one of the world's oldest fitness disciplines with many health benefits:

• Total Body Workout, tones your waist, hips and arms.

• Firms your butt, sculpts a curvy body.

• Helps with the obesity epidemic, improves metabolism.

• Reduces excess wind, indigestion, constipation and bloating.

• Improves posture, coordination and balance.

• Increases flexibility, strength and self-esteem.

• Reduces mental stress, makes you look and feel younger.

There are also additional educational elements such as rhythms and culture of The Art of Belly Dance.

Passed down by mother to daughter, this traditional ancient dance is perfect for the female reproductive health and as a preparation for the painless childbirth without stretch marks.

The Belly is the middle part of the body and the centre of life. Most of our major organs are located there and in my country we romantically and spiritually believe our souls are also present in the Belly. We even call the pregnant woman - the one with 2 souls 'Ikichanli' in Azerbaijanian or Turkish languages.

Period, period pain, making love, having children, caesarean, menopause  - it all happens in the Belly. A healthy Belly will relief menstrual and lower back pain.

In China the Belly is the second brain. In science both our Belly and our brain originated from the same tissue which divides during fetal development. Like Siamese twins, the two brains are connected; when one gets upset so does the other. No wonder people trust their gut. One half of all our nerve cells are located within the Belly. The Belly is the organ of happiness. Pain in the Belly will give you nightmares and depression. From the Chinese viewpoint the Belly is the dan tian or 'field of the elixir', where you plant the seeds of long life and wisdom. Take care of your Belly and your Belly will take care of you. My priority is Belly Dance for health.

Belly Dance Workout Class: Is a general mixed ability class. For toning, conditioning, weight loss, flexibility and grace. Great fun way to shake off that Belly fat with 100% The Art of Belly Dance moves. A true dance and fitness experience. It is important to have your Belly healthy. If you are lazy in your Belly you will easily collect fat there. Vertical, horizontal and diagonal muscles make up the Belly. Belly and back muscles are closely connected. They work together to support the spine. When your lower back muscles lengthen it will flatten your Belly and support your back. To make you Belly beautiful and your back painless, you have to do two things: 1) remove excess fat and 2) strengthen the abdominals and lower back with all the wonderful Belly Dance movements.

Beginner The Art of Belly Dance Class: Ideal for new dancers. No experience necessary. We learn beginner's techniques and routines. The journey towards the torso and pelvic isolations through careful and patient strengthening and stretching of torso, pelvic and back muscles. Simple exercises to put the student on the road to a better understanding of her body in space and set the foundations for self-expression through movement. We develop our Belly Dance techniques progressively by breaking down the movements with in-depth presentation and continuously practice challenging combinations and exciting choreographies to Arabic and Turkish rhythms with the main focus on key Belly Dance moves.

Intermediate/Advance The Art of Belly Dance Class: We start with a warm up session which flows to isolating the core muscles followed by a mixture of dance combinations and eventually leading to a beautiful dance routine. Every movement in the class has a name that can be referenced in the beginner’s class, where each movement has already been carefully explained. Then we work on more complex combinations and choreography with many styles being taught such as Egyptian, Turkish, Greek, folkloric, traditional, modern, Persian, oriental, cabaret with introduction to Middle Eastern rhythms and culture.

Hula Hoop Dance (Hula Hoops are provided in the class). Hula Hooping is not just for children. It is a Belly shrinking exercise for kids of all ages. Do you know Hula Hooping was an ancient invention? There are historical evidences to prove Hooping was one of the exercises practiced by the Egyptians and Greeks. Hooping as a toy for children was introduced in Great Britain in the 14th century. Hula Hooping is a cardiovascular activity that will allow you to burn as much as 100 calories in 10 minutes and therefore more effective than power yoga or step aerobics. Exercising with a Hula Hoop is low impact so it won’t cause injury. I love dancing while Hooping. It just feels good. Another advantage of Hoop is that it gives you the massage for the vital organs. I find Hooping meditative, and perhaps more importantly, Hooping makes me smile. Get your hands on this magical ring to stay fit and healthy. We include some dance steps to make Hula Hooping more fun and pleasurable. I am a firm believer that fun is healthy!

  • What to wear?
  • • Bare feet, non slippery socks, ballet/jazz soft sole dance shoes.
  • • If high heels for you are like fast cars for men, start with straps that cross over the ankle and the bridge of the foot to hold the shoe in (something like a ballroom dancer's shoes). But please remember, the only people who can stand on heels all day, every day are mannequins, and they are made of plastic. Always give your feet a day off.
  • • Stretch dance trousers, leggings.
  • • Hip scarves, coin belt if you have one.
  • • Push up, padded or sport bra.
  • • Short or long top.
  • • Whatever is comfortable and makes you FEEL GOOD!
  • Changing rooms are available at the classes location.



Pregnancy. To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose: … a time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak....(there is a poem...)

Sharp movements, shimmies, back bends, jumps, hip twists, overheating and stretches are not suitable and should not be performed by pregnant women, especially if they are not used to Belly Dancing. Belly Dancing movements are based on seasons, based on nature, and what I am teaching is not just the movements but a way of being in this world. I would want the expecting women to understand that Belly Dance is about getting in touch with the natural rhythm that is in life itself. It is not just doing the movements, but a deeper appreciation of what is natural and having the wisdom to see that sometimes, it is not best to be forcing something "out of season", (hula hooping when you are pregnant!) or insist on having summer (e.g. energy!) all the time; there is a time for winter (rest and renewal...). Every pregnancy is different. Always seek your doctor’s or midwife’s advice before doing any activities or physical exercises during pregnancy. It is not about not being able to do Belly Dance, it is about rhythm and timing in a woman's life; different movements at different times, i.e. soft, gentle while you are pregnant and  sharp ones afterwards. It is about timing and I am trying my best not to deprive pregnancy of Belly Dancing but also want the pregnant woman to have a baby safely and this is the best I can do. E.g. I read in a book - one of those Belly Dancing books I read ages ago - that when women are having periods, they prefer /naturally want to do movements that are more flowing, e.g. snake arms (..which is like gliding the water /river with one's arms...), and that at the end and also when they are premenstrual when they have more energy and more pent-up emotions and more fiery, then they like doing lots of shimmies, hip lifts..... just to let the energy out through the movement... Although, Belly Dancing develops muscles that will make the labor easier, Belly Dancing during pregnancy can cause premature labor, because it mimics childbirth. Certain Belly Dance movements should not be practiced until the time is right and some particular movements can cause the unborn babies to react by being restless, the pregnant woman may have bleeding and pain as a result. On no account should these movements be danced continuously as labor could be triggered off. These movements should only be reserved for the birth process where they have a supporting and stimulating effect. Please, listen to your doctor and apply common sense. There is a time for everything...

    "It's Paulita writing to say hello. I moved to London briefly for work last year and was introduced to your classes through a Groupon. I moved from London back in May of this year and I am now living in Michigan, USA. I've also gotten married and we are expecting our first child in February. I've thought of your classes during my pregnancy, remembering you teaching us to use the muscles with our movements that we would be using during childbirth. Hopefully I remember in February:) I've found a Belly Dance studio here that I hope to join after the baby is born. During my lessons with you, I learned more than just the method but also how to become connected as a woman and how that makes us feel during dancing. I am grateful to have taken Belly Dance with you even though it was just a short period as it has given me a desire to continue. I hope all is well with you and that your Belly Dance teachings are going well."

Student's comments

  • "Thank you so much for bringing belly dance to my life! A year ago or so I never could imagine myself doing anything soft or feminine. What I love about belly dance is not only that it involves both movement and emotions at the same time, but also because of the gentleness and the sense of flow that it touches in me. Belly dancing for me is almost like a door that allow me to get in touch with the feminine part of myself which have been somehow neglected by me for a long time. Your dancing, your character and your sensitive soul and the way you put your heart and soul into the classes that is truly beautiful and inspiring. Sometimes when I dance I feel much more connected to my soul, much more connected to something deep inside me that is delicate and soft, but also powerful at the same time. And there are times I felt my spirit slowly soaring above the earthly worries as I started dancing. There are times
    or days where there isn't a class I would just put on the music and dance or try and do the movements at home either early in the day or late at night, it keeps me quite grounded in myself and in the moment.
    Thank you so much for being such a lovely and inspiring teacher and dancer!"
  • - Michelle, Engineering at University of Oxford Graduate, Architecture Student at Cambridge University.

  • "Jalya is the most graceful and beautiful belly dancer and teacher. It is an experience rather than a class when she teachers, which takes one on a journey of getting in touch with their feminine side. Jalya has a unique way of leading her classes where you can learn and improve the technique like you are at a formal dance school but it happens in a fun way and then by the end of the lesson you would feel like Scheherazade performing a dance."
  • - Aliya Mamedova

  • "Someone asked me recently why I keep doing this. Maybe because I always wanted a flat stomach, but about ten years and millions of crunches later I realized that flat stomach is just not for some people. However a few months of belly dancing – and I finally have it! Or maybe because the instructor is so radiant and positively charged that each class is like a short trip to a warm country – sunny, happy and mood uplifting."
  • - Anna
  • "I would like to thank you for last night. It brought a lot of joy to my heart and reminded me on the premiere of my first film which only compares to this moment. I just started learning the beautiful art you teach and am not so confident yet but your enthusiasm and drive helped me go out and do it in the clumsy way i did it:) I am very grateful for the opportunity and the chance to experience the spiritual, emotional and team bond Jalya Belly Dance student classes give me."
  • - Love, Sasha

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